Trekking the kings path



On this itinerary you will hike on the King’s path, an ancient royal mule tracks built in the 1800’s by the king of Italy in what used to be the Royal Hunting Reserve, and it is now the oldest national park in Italy, Parco Nazionale Grand Paradiso. Some of the most famous mountains in the world will come into view as you travel from one valley to the next, crossing dramatic mountain passes, and quaint little villages built in the shadow of amazing glaciers. You will hike along Italy's French and Swiss border, in the heart of the Alps.

 day 1  Verres : Meet at local B&B- dinner, breakfast and bag lunch.

 day 2 Rifugio Miserin: Bus ride to the charming mountain village of Champorcher. We will follow the scenic path that leads to the beautiful but still naturally rugged Lago Miserin. We will spend the night by this beautiful lake. The mountain Inn has comfortable dormitory style accommodations, excellent food and a warm atmosphere. Dinner, breakfast, and lunch bag. (6 miles - elevation gain of about 1300 ft)

day 3  Cogne: Today’s trekking will take us up to 9.300 feet between two splendid valleys. The descent on the other side of the pass meanders through amazing alpine flora and fauna. You will have the opportunity to see wildlife like ibex, chamois, marmots, and golden eagles in their natural habitat. We will relax in the evening in a very comfortable hotel with delicious food in the tranquil but picturesque town of Cogne (9 miles - elevation gain of about 1000 ft followed by a descent of about 4200 ft)

day 4 Aosta: Visit the historical regional capital city of Aosta. Explore amazing Roman ruins, and enjoy an array of traditional shops and restaurants. Spend the night in a magnificently renovated 16th century boutique hotel in the heart of the old town. Breakfast and lunch bag. Dinner on your own.

 day 5 Grand Paradis National Park: A shuttle will take us to Val di Rheme, a valley that is sparsely developed therefore is still wild and unspoiled by human touch. We will hike up through larch woods and rocky crags with beautiful panoramic views of the Granta Parei at the head of the valley. Dinner and breakfast in a cozy mountain Inn.   (3.6 miles - elevation gain of about 1600 ft)

day 6 Traverse from Valle di Rheme to Valgrisenche.  A spectacular trek across the Col Col Bassac Dere through an alpine terrain full of mountain flowers and surrounded by glaciers and snow cover peaks. We will descend Valgrisenche to a beautiful mountain Inn in one of the most pristine valleys in the Aosta region (10 miles - elevation gain of about 3700 ft) 

day 7 Descend along the Valgrisenche. We will descend along the valley on a very well define path. Stambecchi, streams and a pictoresque lake will be our final trek of the week. We will take a transport to a very comfortable hotel for our final night in Courmayeur. (6.5 miles - 2000 feet descent)

day 8 Departure